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Chess Reader Instructions
The Chess Reader is still being developed - it works, but more games are still being added.

The BDS Software Chess Reader plays through selected chess games from the past. Click on one of the openings below and then click on a specific game from that opening's catalog of games. After the Chess Board has loaded, just repeatedly click the "Move" button to step though the game.

Center Counter Game
English Opening
King's Indian Defense

The Chess Board takes a few seconds to load and the first move takes a couple of seconds after you click the button, but after that the moves are essentially instantaneous.

The Chess Reader's Chess Board Display is driven by a Java Applet and the Position and Movement Control are provided by JavaScript. The images for the Chess Board are being loaded while you are reading these instructions.

If you would like to examine the code: a sample game, the images, the Java Applet, and the JavaScript are available for download as the package. Everything on this site is copyrighted by BDS Software, but you are hereby licensed to copy, modify, and use the Chess Reader System so long as you do so entirely at your own risk. I would appreciate your adding a small note saying it came from BDS Software if you decide to use it on your site or in another software package.

Since the primary purpose of the Chess Reader is to demonstrate my programming skills to potential clients, I won't apologize for the game selections - I picked what I liked and the games are predominately King's Indian Defense, English Opening, and Center Counter Games because those are the openings I play.

PGN: Not yet. The coding I use is similar to Portable Game Notation (PGN) but it includes additional html tags, has a different tag roster, and requires the move list to be continuous text without internal end-of-line characters. It is also a single-game-per-file format. pgn2bds and bds2pgn translators are in the future.