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The difference here is that this calculator is run completely on the client machine using JavaScript, and the source code is available for you to inspect: just click on View|Source.

Enter values for Principal, Interest, Years, Points, Fees, and Precision. (Generally, you should leave Precision = 0.0001 unless you have a special reason for changing it.) Then click the "Calculate" button and the calculated values for Proceeds, Payment, and APR will be displayed.

Principal = Loan principal amount, dollars
                  = Mortgage "Face" Amount

Interest = Loan interest rate, percent

Years = Loan repayment period, years

Points = Total loan points, percent

Fees = Total loan fees, dollars

Precision = Precision for APR, percent
                  defaults to 0.0001 if set to
                  precision <= 0 or
                  precision >= 1

Proceeds = Loan proceeds, dollars
                  = actual amount to be received

Payment = Monthly payment, dollars

APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Disclaimer: BDS Software does not warrant or guarantee this Mortgage Calculator's results. It is a demonstration of our capabilities only. Although it may be used as a helpful guide for your loan transactions, you should consult your own financial institution for exact figures.

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