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Dot Dumper

This is a one-player game.

The goal is simple: Dump as many dots as you can before they dump you!

When a dot appears on the grid, just dump it by clicking on it.


This experimental game is loosely based on Laura Sach's "Destroy the dots" game written in Python. (cf. Reference below).

It is experimental because:

● It is written in JavaScript instead of in Python.

● It is played on a 20x20 grid instead of a 5x5 grid.

● The dot appearance timing is different.

● In addition to the score, the time elapsed is also reported.

● If you accidentally click on a blank square, you make another dot and subtract 1 from your score.





● There are no notes yet. Notes will be added as online playtesting proceeds.


                                                                                                                                                                M.D.J. 2022/07/15



Atli's response in

Sach, Laura. 2018. Destroy the dots